Welcome to DiamondLiving, LLC

We started Diamond Living as a small family run business and have now grown into a major manufacturer of rigid core vinyl plank and tile, hardwood, and laminate flooring. We built our first factory in Houston, Texas and now have an equity interest in the best rigid core vinyl, hardwood, and laminate manufacturing plants. Our headquarters is in Magnolia, Texas. We sell to major distributors and retailers in 41 of the 50 States. Our staff has over 100 years of experience in the flooring industry that has culminated in the quality products that we produce. We take pride in producing products that create value and satisfaction for our customers for years to come and combine it with excellent customer service.

Rigid Core Vinyl

Diamond Living’s factory was one of the three original manufacturers of rigid core vinyl plank. Diamond Living uses the highest-grade calcium carbonate available in the world and mixes it in our proprietary blend to create a product that has the ideal blend of density and flexibility. Our products feature the most beautiful décor patterns designed by Spanish, Italian, and Asian artist. We have introduced many of the top 25 selling patterns to the US market. The final and critical step in every product with a locking system is the milling of the locking system itself. We only use the best milling equipment, HOMAG. HOMAG is a German brand founded in 1960 and is the standard in milling equipment, which makes our Rigid Core Vinyl the easiest to install and most stable product available. Our core, décor patterns and locking systems create the best rigid core vinyl available in the marketplace.


We offer truly unique, long-lasting wood flooring to our customers. We tested hundreds of methods for creating and enhancing our wood flooring products before we finally developed the methods used today. All of our hardwoods are painstakingly selected for the best natural color, texture, and grain of the wood, after which each board is individually hand-crafted and treated to become a part of our exclusive collections. Please visit our wood page for description of our latest collections.


The great care we use when creating our laminate flooring has made us one of the top brands in the country. We offer both ½” and ⅜” products. Instead of simply pasting a decor onto each plank, we apply customized hand-crafted treatments to give each board the look and feel of the most exclusive wood species. We also utilize the top locking systems in the world which makes our laminate flooring the quickest and easiest to install without any messy glues. We only use the best milling equipment, HOMAG. HOMAG is a German brand founded in 1960 and is the standard in milling equipment. In addition, each board is protected with an exclusive water-resistant finish that gives extra protection against water damage. These carefully designed and tested procedures ensure that your laminate floor retains its beauty and elegance for years to come. Please visit our laminate page for description of our latest collections.


Lastly, Diamond Living is always one of the top 5 sellers of underlayment in the country. We sell the best underlayment in the marketplace for both Rigid Core Vinyl Plank and Laminate. We offer a variety of underlayment products to go under your flooring with a range of thicknesses and types. Our underlayment is made from the same material used to make a scuba suit. Water/moisture is the number one reason that floors fail. If our underlayment can keep you dry when you jump in the ocean, then you can have the peace of mind that it is the perfect choice to protect your flooring investment. We also offer a green product for the environmentally conscious consumer. All of our underlayment products are of the highest quality and offer ou standing sound and impact ratings. Please visit our underlayment page for a description of our latest products.