Scuba Thermo Silent is the highest quality choice in flooring underlayment – it’s like a scuba suit for your floor! Whether you are concerned with environmentally sound design or quality protection for your flooring, Scuba Thermo Silent offers you the best of both worlds. With the best moisture and sound protection in the industry using advanced water proofing technology, Scuba Thermo Silent is ypur best choice for industry best protection, easy to install, and is formaldehyde free to protect both you and your family at a reasonable cost.


Style Number: ST46

Thickness: 2 mm

Width: 48 in.

Length: 50 ft.

Style Name: Scuba Thermo Silent

Texture Description: Neoprene / Mylar Coating

SQ FT per Roll: 200 SqFt

Weight per Roll: 10 lbs

  • Made like a Scuba Suit, only thicker.
  • Maximum sound reduction.
  • Best moisture protection in the industry.
  • Vapor Barrier – stop any & all vapor; no Visqueen® required.
  • Save energy, save money with maximum year round protection against heat & cold loss through your floor.
  • Advanced water proofing technology.
  • Use with laminate and wood flooring.
  • Easy to install.
  • 3 in 1 – includes 4″ overlap and tape.
  • One of the best sound ratings in the industry.
  • Protective, comfortable cushion.
  • No better underlayment at any price.

” Please note the BQL stands for: Chemical below quantifiable level of. 1 based on a standard 45L air collection volume. This is a great score and should be presented in a knowledgeable fashion.”

24 Hour E.F. Results

      TVOC          HCHO          Total Aldehydes
1483             BQL                          BQL

Stephany I. Mason, Ph.D.
Technical Director
Air Quality Sciences, Inc.

Surpasses the Indoor Air Quality emissions requirement for California’s Section 01350 – the strictest standard in the USA for volatile organic. Best in the industry.

Water Vapor Transmission Rate:
Sound Transmission:
R value:
Compression Resistance@25%:
Mold/Mildew Resistant:
Flaming 44
Nonflam 50
Average Critical
Radiant Rlux:

0.000003 LBS per 1000 sqft per 24 hrs
IIC= 72db                 STC = 73db
Thermal Conductivity (K)= .38        Resistance(R)= .22
41 psi
200 sqft per Roll
10 Ibs per Roll
Engineered for slab, pier & beam or radiant heat firs.

(ASTM E662 allows up to 450)
Exceeds the highest Safety Standard in the industry
(Class 1 rating as specified in the NFPA Life Safety code 101 and IBC 804.2)
.57 W/sqcm                     Exceeds the highest Safety Standard in the industry

Certified by Professional Testing Laboratory, Inc. 714 Glenwood Place Dalton, GA. 30721